You can do what you love to do, 

if you let us do what we love to do!

What we do:

At EDIC, we love completing and compiling financial data. It's our passion. We know that you started your business because you love what you do, too. 


The last thing most owners want to deal with when they’re running a small business is accounting, but it's an important aspect to your business. If your books aren't up-to-date, you don't know if you're making or losing money. You don't know what your biggest expenses are. You don't know where you could be saving money.


Most importantly: You don't know how much money you have that you can use to grow! 


If you choose EDIC to complete your accounting, you will have the best personal service around. We want to help your business succeed.

In order to do so, you need to know where your money is coming from and where it is going. You need access to up to date financial information to make business decisions on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. 


If you choose EDIC, you will have full access your business financial statements and records whenever you need. Our goal is to help you make decisions on growth, spending, savings, and provide the information needed to apply for loans in a timely manner by providing accurate financial data to ensure the success of your business. 

Our Values:

We know that you value your finance data and wouldn’t trust it with just anyone. That's why we established these core values:



Experience is the first thing that we look for when we are searching for a person or company to complete a service for us. It's even more so when that service has to do with personal and confidential information. Samara, the owner of EDIC, has over 21 years of experience in accounting and tax preparation. She has 4 years of accounting and tax experience in the Trucking Industry. 

Knowledge is the key factor in accounting. When you’re dealing with banks, city, state, and federal governments, and regulatory/taxing agencies you must have the knowledge to compile the information, fill out and file forms correctly, and keep everything in order. Completing any of the numerous forms and filings incorrectly or failing to complete them by the due dates can cost you hours of wasted time and hundreds or thousands of dollars in fees. We provide you with this knowledge. We keep you up to date and filed on time. 


Accuracy is the most important principle in accounting. Inaccurate bookkeeping can lead to bad decision making and mistakes in taxes and loan applications. That’s why accuracy is so important to us. We will make sure you have the most accurate and up to date information so you can make the best decisions for your company to avoid these issues.


Security is a top priority for us because we deal with your financial information. The last thing we want is for your financial information to become available to hackers and people with malicious intent. We use a multi-point encryption system, technological hardware barriers, and as well as secure document handling procedures in order to keep all your information secure.

About the Owner:

Hi y'all! I'm Samara Ritter! I'm the Owner and President of EDIC LLC. I'm a down home country girl! I expect the best from the people who I work with, so I lead by example and only give my best.


I started out working with my dad on taxes at 13 years old. Most of his clients were what Accountants call "shoebox clients." My first introduction to accounting and taxes was separating, recording, and adding up those receipts for small businesses and farms. This was the beginning of my love for accounting!  

I went to college for accounting and I continued to work with my dad until he passed away in 2009. At that point, I took over his business. In 2013, my husband started traveling for work. I wanted to be with my husband, so I scaled back my dad's business. During this time, I had a few select clients that I continued to work with. 

In 2017, my husband and I started our own trucking company. I have been running the accounting portion of Buffalo Plains LLC for 3 years.


I finally decided that it's time to do what I love to do!!


EDIC LLC was born!


Bookkeeping is what I love to do, but I can do it all! The mundane, repetitiveness of double entry accounting or even single entry QBO accounting relaxes me. I have 22 years of experience in accounting and tax. I want to help you get your business on the right track just like I've done for several other businesses, including my own trucking company.

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